Superhero 3rd Birthday


Sons 3rd birthday party was a success!!!! Cant believe how awesome in turned out! All decor was handmade. I was on a tight budget this year so I made sure to make it extra awesome with the limited resources.

Sebas 3rd bday decor

All printables were found online at for free. Just search, “free superhero printables.”

Background poster bought at Walmart for $5.

Piñata was bought at a local party warehouse. I added a some work to it.

Toys were provided from my sons toy collection

Superhero costumes from Party City (sons aunt and uncle dressed up)

I always buy bulk candy when it goes on sale. Most of the candy was bought after this past Easter for $.25 each bag at Aldi.  AWESOME!!!!

All buildings and other decor was drawn, cut, and spray painted as well as gift wrapped by me.

All the decor came out to about $120!!!

Feel free to get inspired! =)

XO, Giovanna



The MOST outrageous wedding cakes on Pinterest


The MOST outrageous wedding cakes on Pinterest

My finds on the most detailed and unique wedding cakes on Pinterest…

I LOOOVEE cakes, I have over 1000 posts of cakes on Pinterest… seriously, I do!

Go check it out!

Every week Ill make a post of my favorite types of cakes up on the blog.
I will be posting different themes every week (ex. most unusual, most colorful, most fun, etc.)