Hi, I am Giovanna.

Mother, fitness junky, party planning addict, foody, and live lover.

The story behind this blog begins with my son, he is the inspiration behind it all. Before him I was just a student at FIU majoring in Sports and Recreation Management, which I love and I am glad to have taken this path and chosen this degree. But, I had no passion, no belonging. I also had always been into “fitness and sports,” but had no serious intentions.

So, September 19, 2011 here comes along this amazing, out of this world, tiny person and completely changes me. Slowly, I noticed what my passions were and what I was good at and what I truly loved and understood. I joined Crossfit February 2012 and since then I haven’t stopped with my fitness and healthy lifestyle. I implemented on my life and at home.

I am not going to lie my body isn’t ripped! Its been slow progress but I am okay with that. We all need to enjoy life and have a little chocolate fun.

Anyway, back to my story….September 2012, my sons first birthday party and the first party Ive ever decorated. Everyone fell in love with it and so did I. I’ve done some small work in the event planning industry mainly for mommies and children, hopefully one day this can be my full time job.

Other then that my blog is to promote creativity, health, and fun for all!

Thank you for the love ❤


XO, Giovanna


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